The Swim Reaper

The Grim Reaper:
Artist: José Guadalupe Posada

Myths and horror stories are written about him

songs are written about him

we dress up like him for Halloween.

Times have changed and now The Grim Reaper is, in a twist, saving instead of collecting  lives in New Zealand.

The Grim One is now know as the Swim Reaper and he is warning people that if  you play dumb- you’re done and he off you go with our friend in black.

These are modern times, so it works out that the Swim Reaper is now an Instagram star and you can catch him in a more casual

setting instead of the more formal ones we see in art galleries and cemeteries.

I’ve always believed that a good story will grow legs and run on it’s own. It’s the reality of what happens when we write stories or music- some of these interpretations fall short of the original and some go beyond.

The Grim Reaper has been the Grim Reaper has been a fixture in many cultures to many people for a very long time.

That may have changed a bit in this case, and that is not such a bad thing.