The Quiet Lady

When I was little, my Grandfather told me that Spirits-especially the bad ones don’t have feet.

I have no idea why that is so because they have hands

( all the better to grab you with )

And they have legs

(all the better to chase you with )

And they have ears

( all the better to hear your rapid heartbeat with )

Still, that little factoid about feet has stayed with me.

I guess it’s no surprise then that this painting by Vilhelm Hammershøi is one of my favorites.

The lady is dressed in black, her back is turned towards us and there are no hard lines in the picture so it’s like a dark fog came together and just to ask us- what is she doing there and what is in her hands? It just occurred to me that maybe you  don’t want to know, well I do. But I’m speaking for myself here.

So this is why I love this painting:  if you look down you can’t see her feet and her shadow is creeping out from under the table towards you- which is funny because she’s not facing a window.

So many words coming from inside of painting, something that has no mouth, or a tongue- but you know, I’m thinking and I am pretty sure that

it does have teeth.




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